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Do you fear change?

There are many things that can hold us back from life and most of them are related to fear. It takes courage to move forward, try new things, and to shift our thinking about life. It's a brave new world as we transition. I'm writing about my own transition from stay at home, homeschooling mom to out-of-a-job woman that is trying to figure out what I want to do now.

Life doesn't have to be boring when we suddenly find ourselves in a transition. With much courage, we can learn who we really are and use this time to start over with new hobbies, new friendships, and a new love of life.

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  • There was a air quality warning because of the fires in Canada polluting the air. It looks cloudy in the photos but it's actually just from the fires. It was 80 degrees F today in #duluthmn #canadafires
  • Lake Superior finds. #rockhunting  #duluthmn #daytripping
  • When you ask your twin sister where one can find a hairspray that actually works. 30 seconds after styling, my hair goes flat. I want bigger hair dammit. Anyway she got this photo today. Lol. #flathairdontcare #womanproblems #vanityissues
  • When classic literature gets me. #aliceinwonderlandquotes #lifequotestagram #lifechanges
  • Every damn time. I always break the yoke. As much as I try, I fail. Still edible so I win.
  • First time we turned on our sprinklers all summer because of all the rain. #minnesotasummers
  • Trying to help my 11th grader pick out classes for next year after a change in her schedule. She hates all my suggestions. #whataremothersfor #myjobisdone #heretoannoyyou
  • Half hour wait and then they put us into this room and make us wait more. I'm about to jet. He just needed one vaccination. Ugh.