Writing Stories from my 40’s!

  • Definitely how I feel these days. #communication #misunderstood
  • Flowers in the hair. #summer #gardening
  • Hi all. I know I've been absent for awhile but I'm back. I'm hoping you can do me a favor. This is my triplet sister and her son. My sister left her abusive husband 8 years ago, but they share custody of their son. Over the past 8 years, her ex has continued to bully and harass her, continually break the parenting decree set up in court, and now he had a fly by night wedding and thinks he is gonna take her son from her in a new custody hearing and run away with his new victim... I mean, wife. He's trying to drain her of her finances and energy and beat her down. So I've set up a #gofundme page to raise support. If you can't give, could you please share on your social networks? My sister is a great mom and her ex is a big bully with #Narcissist tendencies. In the end, her son is who suffers. And my sister will pay through the nose to keep him. But she needs legal help to fight him and I would so appreciate it if you could help. She also had to postpone her wedding because of all of this so it's been a trying time for her. Feel free to send her some love in the comments! Link is in bio. Xoxo Love ya!!! #raisesupport #gooddeeds #legalbattles
  • I'm about over all this woman stuff, k? I had my babies and now they are preteens, teens, and adults so let's cut the crap. Menopause or pre menopause can kiss off. Nothing like dealing with whacked hormones. So I do what my doctor tells me and I get an ultrasound and nothing too bad. I do have a fibroid but it's probably not the culprit of my crime scene periods. So at my doctors suggestion, I get the Mirena. All this built up anxiety before but I got through it. Until I started feeling completely mental. I mean.. Psycho, depressed, irritable and like I wanted to jump off the nearest bridge. Add to that chest pains, migraine, and the worst fatigue. Some of those symptoms passed but now I might have to get it taken out and I'm back where I started which makes me just want to cry. But I guess crying is better than debilitating depression and anxiety. I hate synthetic hormones. And I hate my lady parts too. #womanism #overit #nottodaysatan #menopausia #idontwannadothisanymore
  • Who's a spoiled baby? My kids bundled her up and have her a pillow. Cracks me up.
  • I got this shirt bc I was watching the Flash and Cisco pulls out his gun to destroy a bad guy and says "Not Today satan!" And it made me laugh. Sometimes I'd like to say this to certain people who act like jerks but I'll just wear the shirt instead. #nottodaysatan #TheFlash #ciscoramon
  • Lazy dog.
  • And there's the finished sign. Had a good grad party. Can't believe I'm a mother of an adult!