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Maybe you are like me and put yourself last for too long. You are burned out, stressed, and maybe even depressed or anxious. You can't recall what you were once passionate about because you have too many things on your plate. On top of it, everyone expects you to be outgoing and high-energy and being an introvert, you just want to be left alone.

I understand because I'm there too. Through therapy and practicing self-care, I am bouncing back from my own problems of not prioritizing myself. I write to other stressed out, burned out, overwhelmed introverts so they can learn strategies to cope. By making small, daily changes, you can bring your life back into balance. I encourage others to incorporate creativity and self-care into their lives so they can give from a place of peace and joy instead of a place of emptiness. Let's walk this journey together.

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  • The princess Leia updo that my daughter gave me before going to work out. #gymstyles
  • Apparently the conversation among the 7th graders at school was how you have to be careful of the candy with razor blades in it and the sexual predators. What??? Since when? I've been alive 41 years and never experienced or known anyone to experience either of these things. #Fearmongering #halloweentreats #stoptheinsanity
  • Just a reminder in case you forgot. Self care is not selfish. #selfcare #loveyourselftoday
  • Where's the dog end and Michelle begin?
  • It's a sick October joke to get snow this early. #minnesotafall­čŹü
  • We all have a gift inside of us but we should be careful who we give it to. Speaking as an #introvert I find the balance to be difficult. I have to learn who gets my gift and who doesn't and how much I give away and when I need a break. Do you struggle with this too? Link in bio. #mentalhealth #burnout #introvertproblems #blogtober18
  • I need to find some good watercolor classes but I like this moloskine watercolor book and the koi watercolors. #watercolorpainting #moloskine
  • Fall colors outside my window. Too bad it's been raining all week. #minnesotafall­čŹü #bugsaredying #soonitwillbewinter #minnesotalife