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  • I'm literally done with this planet. #nutshowcase #ohnoyoudidnt
  • And today I feel silent. ⚡
  • Doodles and lettering with watercolor. Sometimes I get super annoyed with being told I need to suppress my feelings. "think positively" or "why are you crying?" sends the message that we aren't supposed to feel a certain way. Forget all that societal BS. I can feel sad, happy, mad, frustrated, scared, and whatever else and that's normal. Emotions fluctuate. Staying in one emotion for a long time isn't good but most times people belittle anything they consider a negative emotion. People who are always happy and never sad are the ones who scare me. We are supposed to feel ups and downs. So don't stuff it. Feel it. #feelings #emotionalintelligence #mentalhealth
  • I'm trying to teach myself how to #bujo but I'm really just playing around with layouts. I am not an artist and I'm not great at drawing but I love artsy stuff and think creativity helps my mood. Flip through to see my doodles so far. It's fun to doodle each day. It's kind of like a reminder of some silly thing I thought that day. I like bullet Journaling for organization but I like it better for #mentalhealth
  • Made this for a lutheran school display. Not loving my lettering but they always think it looks good... I don't like lettering on poster board, but it works. Used watercolors, tombow pens, scrapbook paper and mini alphabet punch board. #craftycrafty #artdisplay #bibleverse #kindnessmatters
  • Two ways to look at this: ugh what a bunch of BS. Or ok, let's find out what I'm dealing with. Getting my veins looked at to check for clots and other junk that might be causing the pulsing in my ears.
  • Meow. My oldest still rocks #halloween🎃
  • Helped my son with this 3d plant cell. I liked how it turned out #sciencefairproject