Hello Friend. Welcome!

  • Creating a display board for my son's school. I used watercolor to spatter gold and silver on black letters (which I punched out with the alphabet punch board from @wermemorykeepers) and paper I'll use for other parts of the display. May be overkill but I love creating so I don't care. #watercolor #schoolprojects #goldandsilver
  • #anxietyproblems #overthinkingūüí≠ #rumination  #aliceinwonderlandquotes
  • Ugh Instagram.
  • There was a air quality warning because of the fires in Canada polluting the air. It looks cloudy in the photos but it's actually just from the fires. It was 80 degrees F today in #duluthmn #canadafires
  • Lake Superior finds. #rockhunting  #duluthmn #daytripping
  • When you ask your twin sister where one can find a hairspray that actually works. 30 seconds after styling, my hair goes flat. I want bigger hair dammit. Anyway she got this photo today. Lol. #flathairdontcare #womanproblems #vanityissues
  • Every damn time. I always break the yoke. As much as I try, I fail. Still edible so I win.
  • First time we turned on our sprinklers all summer because of all the rain. #minnesotasummers