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The Storm


Overwhelmed, these dark clouds
Attempting to find peace,
Weighted down, heaviness
From within you must release

Streaming down, one by one
Falling to the earth
Why this insidious need
To amplify your worth?

Flashing, the furious heart
The rising, the uproar
As quickly as it gushed forth
You flee the wanton war

Composed in a mass
Flaunted by its splendor
A river of bewildering tears—
A reminder of surrender.



The wind sways the branches
The leaves flutter and fly
Their own little journey–
They never ask “why?”

Around street corners
Through feared alleyways
Under footsteps, crunched
And broken they lay

Thrown into piles
With children, collide
Some tossed in the air
Others wither and die

This is their plight
Their undoing, their fate;
Accepting their lot
They don’t mourn as they wait

Freely they float and
Carelessly soar,
This is their purpose–
It’s what they’re made for.

The Future of Forestry by C.S. Lewis

I like origins. Where do things come from? How did that name come about? And so it was when I started to like a band named “Future of Forestry“. And this band’s name originated from a poem by C.S. Lewis–a poem by the same name.

Here is the poem:

The Future of Forestry

How will the legend of the age of trees
Feel, when the last tree falls in England?
When the concrete spreads and the town conquers
The country’s heart; when contraceptive
Tarmac’s laid where farm has faded,
Tramline flows where slept a hamlet,
And shop-fronts, blazing without a stop from
Dover to Wrath, have glazed us over?
Simplest tales will then bewilder
The questioning children, “What was a chestnut?
Say what it means to climb a Beanstalk,
Tell me, grandfather, what an elm is.
What was Autumn? They never taught us.”
Then, told by teachers how once from mould
Came growing creatures of lower nature
Able to live and die, though neither
Beast nor man, and around them wreathing
Excellent clothing, breathing sunlight –
Half understanding, their ill-acquainted
Fancy will tint their wonder-paintings
Trees as men walking, wood-romances
Of goblins stalking in silky green,
Of milk-sheen froth upon the lace of hawthorn’s
Collar, pallor in the face of birchgirl.
So shall a homeless time, though dimly
Catch from afar (for soul is watchfull)
A sight of tree-delighted Eden.

At first glance, this poem seems nothing more than an environmental call to action (keep our trees!) but really, if you read through it a few times, it is more than that. It is talking about how the simple things are no longer taught or known and things like materialism are common knowledge. Children will no longer understand nature and beauty, but instead be fancied by things like shopping and entertainment. I like this poem because it reminds me to hold on to beauty and to adore the one who gives us everything that is beautiful.

The Things That We Should Say

This song resonates with me as of late. I’m battling criticism both good and bad.

The good criticism is hard because it causes me to be introspective, to change, to become something new. This isn’t easy. It’s like taking a piece of my heart, ripping it out, and eventually replacing it with a new piece–a better one. But in the process, I bleed and hurt.

The bad criticism is also painful but in a different way. It hurts to be told by people you thought were friends that you are too sensitive, you are not friend material, or to feel as if I’m unlovable. I hold people at arms length (or a football length actually) and when I do put trust in someone, it always seems to be the wrong thing to do. Then there are those people who just want to give unsolicited advice and their motives seem to be that they just like to slap you over the head with their Bibles. It is hurtful and feels cruel. When you are already down, it feels like a kick to the gut.

This song talks about things that should be said and how we are failures, but words can either heal or hurt. True friends might wound us by giving us words to change us (to help us grow) but those who aren’t true friends can injure us and hurt us with their words. You never know how you might bless someone or critically wound a person with your words.

This band is one of my favorites: Future of Forestry.

The Things That We Should Say

Time with you and time once had
Passed between my hands
The memories we can feel them fade
Like circles in the sand
A thousand thoughts, a thousand dreams
Lost within the day
A thousand ways for souls to touch
The things that we should say
The things that we should say

It’s been a cold, bitter mile
Maybe it could be a while
Til the sun and the sky light the way
I’ll bring you close, you could stay
Before our time has gone away
We should say the things that we should say

Tendencies and weaknesses
They make me who I am
I’m falling through the cracks and turns
Of circles in the sand
It’s not lost when your love is near
Don’t let this world turn grey
The dreams of hope and lips that heal
The things that we should say
The things that we should say

It’s been a cold, bitter mile
Maybe it could be a while
Til the sun and the sky light the way
I’ll bring you close, you could stay
Before our time has gone away
We should say

It’s been a cold, bitter mile
Maybe it could be a while
Til the sun and the sky light the way
I’ll hold you close, would you stay
Before our time has gone away
We should say the things that we should say


As well as writing poetry, I think from time to time, I would like to maybe post a blog article once a week. This will be random–maybe something I’m learning or something I enjoy.

Also, I think on Fridays I will be posting “favorites”. I am hoping to highlight poetry that I am reading or just favorite poems that I love that have inspired me. I’ll maybe pull some from some of my favorite authors and post those once a week.

I will still be posting my own poetry as well, but would like to add a little more depth to this website like things I enjoy other than poetry and things that inspire me. If no one else reads this, at least it will be a record of things I like and enjoy :)

Wave of Emotions


Like a dance across quicksand—
I collide with its form
Engulfed by its current—
An emotional storm

He spins me around
In a circle, we waltz
Until I am dizzied
And spellbound by thoughts

Swept off the floor
I am carried away
As anger beats loudly
Its song to betray

And when the Big Band
Concludes its last dance
I let you go, hands slipping
From this superfluous romance

Plummeting to the floor
I look up at his hand
As Regret steps in
And strikes up the band.

Can you say it?


Just say you love me
as you lay me down to sleep
in fluffy, white blankets
and booties on my feet
Singing a lullaby,
I try to imagine
It whispering to my heart
On the days I feel saddened

Just say you love me
When I am able to speak
Teach me love for others
Even when I feel weak
Hold me on the days
I say the wrong thing
And wait for me to smile
And for my heart to sing

Just say you love me
When I watch them die
and my heart is wrestling
with the questions of “why?”
When life is but hopeless
and pain is my friend
Don’t leave me alone
to face it all over again

Just say you love me
I waited all those years
But all I remember
is fighting back the tears
And all the times I spent
Trying to satisfy
A heart that couldn’t love me
And never wanted to try.

Psalm 139

Church - Montreal

I can’t seem to focus very well lately, especially on poetry. Maybe I’m tired..or maybe I just lost my talent. I don’t know. Anyway, I’ve been reading and meditating on Psalm 139 and this is kind of a rambled mess of what I came up with. I wrote out so much more than this in my meditations, but my creativity has lost its spark. Yeah whatever, I’m a mess.

Psalm 139

I’d like to think that I could
Veil my heart, my mind, my mood
Behind this wall, misunderstood
Performing acts of doing good

With sinful hearts, a sigh
And reckless thoughts, a cry
I mask the symptoms of this lie
And it hurts, the harder I try

In your world, nothing concealed
In the dark, your light is revealed
Secrecy, lies, thoughts unsealed
Creation’s love for me appealed

Before my Mother held me in esteem
The thought of “me” was just a dream
The Artist’s hand would plan and scheme
My life, graciously, his to redeem

When I rise, when I lie down
When in joy, or sorrows drown
His thoughts toward me, all around
Adorning me like a wedding gown

Undeserving, you love me still
Holding my heart, breaking my will—
The beauty of your ways, instill
The wickedness of sin to kill

Upon some shore of future grace
Where sin and sorrows, you erase
Hold me, keep me in this place
Jesus, help me always see your face.


Trickling down like water over my head
Drop by drop, I soak in the words you’ve said
Piercing a heart that drowns itself in lies
Rescuing the one who caused her Savior to die

For if I drown beneath these fears
And gasp for breath, in languish and tears
I would deserve to be unheard
And suffocate from the Liar’s word

“Save me, Oh God, Save me!”
If I whispered, you’d still see
You lift me out of the oceans fury
Into your wounds, my face I bury

What love this is that pardons sin–
I drove the nails, pierced your skin
Watched the drops of blood you sweat
Ended your life, removed the “threat”

How is it that you call me “friend”?
Loving me until the very end?
Holding me closer than I’ve ever been
with arms that bare the nail-scarred skin?

If I drown, let me drown in your grace
Let me suffocate within your embrace
And sink underneath the weight of your glory
Engulf me, Lord, in your beautiful story.

A battle with the sun

Leaning up against
The frozen layer of earth.
Arms stretching out,
Legs in motion giving birth
To a glimmering figure
Engraved in a coating of snow.
She whispers a little secret
Only the snowman would know.
The sun is on a mission
To make things colorful again.
He gathers up his mighty army–
An echelon of green men.
They lay below the surface
Waiting to rise up and overthrow
The beauty of her figure
That outlines the brilliant snow.
The time this takes
Seems like an eternity;
Months drone on and go by
The men hide in obscurity.
When finally the sun decides
To shine as bright as he can shine
He takes her away so suddenly
No trace he leaves behind
Her frozen figure is no more
She is lost in summer’s cape
The real story is not as sad
As the loss of a brilliant shape
For the sun is only hiding her
Until he sees fit for her arrival
So he hides her in a secret place
To see to her survival
When the shining sun bores of himself
He brings her back to play
And places her over the men of green
And hides himself away
And the brilliant figure in the snow
The world will recognize
She spreads her wings across the earth
Snow angel – Winter’s surprise!

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